MKB’s Over the Rainbow opened its first child care center in 1989 in Vineland, NJ.   We are proud to be a family owned business!  Many years later we have opened several other centers with outstanding reputations.

Our school philosophy is simple.   We are passionate about providing an immersive learning experience in a loving environment.   We view each child and parent/guardian as an extended member of our OTR (Over The Rainbow) family.

We fill each day with new and exciting learning experiences for the children here at OTR.   Our goal is to nurture natural curiosity and to foster academic, social, emotional and physical development.   The teachers here aim to challenge the children to discover all of the exciting new opportunities available in their world, both inside and outside our school.

Children learn in a variety of ways.   To engage children, we incorporate circle time, table time, small and large group play, sensory play, learning centers, the outdoors, blocks and manipulatives, dramatic play, singing, dancing, reading aloud ~ the list goes on and on.   Our teachers understand that children are constantly learning.   Routine tasks such as clean-up time are transformed into learning experiences here at OTR.    “Johnny, can you pick up the 3 yellow blocks now?” 

Learning is FUN and we treasure each smile, hug, and giggle from our little customers!  That is the greatest feedback we receive!      

Our Mission:

We promise to provide a safe, caring environment for your child where learning is fostered and natural curiosity is encouraged.

Our Values:



Pride in our Center

Health & Safety


Knowledgeable Staff


Filling each day with learning opportunities, memorable experiences and JOY!

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